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VPD Technologies, Inc.

VPD Technologies, Inc. (VPD Tech for short hereafter) offers unique capabilities for Multiphysics, Multiscale, Coupled Simulations of fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electrical, and mechanical phenomena for real-world applications. VPD Tech's technologies, products, and services enable better understanding of complex problems, and lead to better decisions resulting in better concepts, innovative designs, products and systems.

Since its formation, VPD Tech has broadened and expanded its products and services beyond the automotive applications where it was always dominant, to other sectors including power generation, turbomachinery, aerospace, rail, buildings, civil and offshore structures and safety, environment, marine, chemical process, pharmaceuticals, electronics, appliances, and specialized mechanical engineering applications ranging from biomedical to heavy industry. VPD Tech has well-developed infrastructure to work with you in several ways:

General Services:

  • R&D Contracts & Consulting

  • Engineering Support Contracts

  • Expert Support Services

CFD/FEA Services:

  • High Fidelity CFD/FEA Modeling & Simulation

  • High Quality CFD/FEA Meshing

  • Integrated CAE System Simulation

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