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Outsourcing some or all of your CFD/FEA modeling needs may make sense for your company. The size and workload of your engineering staff, available computing resources, in-house expertise, and the frequency of your need for CFD/FEA work are all factors to consider. We provide a wide range of services, from CFD/FEA meshing/modeling to complete problem-to-solution analysis and the development of customized modeling approaches. We also provide high-performance computing resources, which are available to help you solve large, memory-intensive problems. For more information, or a confidential discussion of your CFD/FEA modeling situation, contact us.

We work closely with each customer, and strive for long term business relationships (partnerships). We take all necessary measures to protect proprietary data and competition sensitive, and defense sensitive information. VPD Tech is a certified US small business and has excellent facilities for both computational intensive and experimental testing work. (in the near future, and also will have DoD Facility Clearance for classified work)

1. implement Velocity Product Development technologies
2. cut down design & developement cycle time
3. stepping stone & gateway to Virtual Product Develpoment environment
4. leverage to reduce burden of routine, lengthy and costly, inefficient practices and exercise, more man power and endeavor to focus on main issues and more productive activities.
5. upfront design & simulation integration
6. costly analysis & simulation team buildup

provide any product and service to reduce developing time or time-to-market leading to cost reduction

speed up Design by VPD
development time reduction
cost reduction
unfront designs
short time-to-market

VPD services to help
Engineering Services you can Trust
Engineering Services to get your Results Quick.
Time to Results Quick
Velocity your Product Development
in the Van/Vanguard of Product Development
Enlighten our customers with innovative solutions

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