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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a computational technology that enables you to study the dynamics of things that flow. Using CFD, you build a computational model that represents a system or device that you want to study. Then you apply the fluid flow physics to this virtual prototype, and the software outputs a prediction of the fluid dynamics. CFD is a sophisticated analysis technique. It not only predicts fluid flow behavior, but also the transfer of heat, mass (such as in perspiration or dissolution), phase change (such as in freezing or boiling), chemical reaction (such as combustion), mechanical movement (such as an impeller turning), and stress or deformation of related solid structures (such as a mast bending in the wind).

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computational/mathematical technique for analyzing stress, which breaks down a physical structure into substructures called "finite elements." The finite elements and their interrelationships are converted into equation form and solved mathematically. Graphics-based FEA software can display the model on screen as it is being built and, after analysis, display the object's reactions under load conditions. Models created in popular CAD packages can often be accepted by FEA software.

System simulation is a computational technique for analyzing engineering systems which can be described by mathematical models or equations. From electric systems, mechanical system as well as thermal systems, to powertrain, driveline and other control devices, system simulation software can integrated various cross-physics and cross-application models into a complete system for further numerical investigation and simulation.

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