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VPD Meshing Services
If you are involved in any type of numerical analysis, the chances are that you will need to generate a mesh or grid on complex geometry at some point. If this an occassional requirement or you do not have the tools (or time) to create accurate yet efficient meshes to solve your problems, why not let us do the work for you?

Using the latest meshing technology within ANSYS ICEM-CFD, AI*Environment & ANSYS Paramesh, Wilde FEA offer a complete grid generation service for FEA, CFD, Boundary Element or any other discretised methods. You can either provide your own CAD as a starting point or allow us to generate both the underlying geometry & the mesh, including paramteric studies if required. We can also modify legacy meshes to improve quality or accomodate changes in geometry.

Previous meshing projects undertaken have ranged from a few hours to months. All types of structured & unstructured meshes can be generated, from shells to tetrahedral & hexahedral elements. The completed mesh can be exported in a solver format of your choice, including metrics on mesh quality as requested. As with our other FEA & CFD services, all meshing projects are undertaken in line with our ISO9001 quality standard.

Typical meshing applications & services include:
Fixed Price Consulting - A high quality mesh can be generated at a fixed price on either your own CAD or geometry that we have created from scratch. Most native & neutral geometry formats are accepted.
Subcontract Services - If you prefer, a Wilde FEA engineer can work on-site to supplement your current CAE team.
Extensive Solver Support - Meshes can be exported to over 100 popular FEA & CFD codes, including NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, FLUENT, STAR-CD & ANSYS CFX.
Geometry Healing - Mesh generation problems are often caused by poorly defined geometry. We can fix geometry errors & our patch-independent meshing tools ensure that the final mesh is not affected by cracks, holes & thin slivers.
Surfacing / Midplane Extraction - Solid model meshing of "thin" parts is generally not suitable for accurate FEA. Powerful midplane extraction capabilities, including variable thickness, enable us to generate superior shell element assemblies.

100% Pure or Hybrid Meshes - 100% hexahedral meshes can be generated for demanding FEA & CFD applications, including LS-DYNA explicit simulations. Hybrid meshing is available for mixed tetrahedral/hexahedral element structures and also the use of boundary layer prisms in CFD.

Mesh Morphing - Even if you already have an existing mesh we can help. The surface of the mesh can be extracted & converted back to geometry as the basis of a new, superior mesh. Alternatively, we can morph your original mesh to improve quality and generate rapid shape changes while retaining the exisiting connectivity & boundary conditions.

STL/Faceted Surface Handling. - Faceted surface data, as commonly obtained from scanning & rapid prototyping applications, can be cleaned up & meshed with solid or surface elements as required.

Combined Consulting & Training - Learning how to mesh geometry quickly yet effectively can be difficult and takes time even if standard training courses are attended. Our combined consulting & training option enables you to learn efficient meshing techniques on your actual parts. Details on standard training courses are found here.

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